Health, Safety and Welfare


Your branch currently has a number of trained Health & Safety Representatives in a number of Business Units, which meet on a regular basis with our colleges for other unions at the Joint Trade Union Safety committee.  We also have representatives who meet with management at quarterly meetings to discuss health and safety issues across the authority.

There are currently safety committees set up in Culture Media and Sport and Libraries which discuss local issues on health and safety, we also looking forward to having more local committees in other service areas once we have more trained representatives. 

Training for Health & Safety Representatives is done through our Regional Offices and the TUC Education suite. 

The function of your health and safety representatives is more than just going to committee meetings and discussing the issues which arise, we also have the function of inspections of the workplace, investigation of accidents and consultation on your behalf with management.  It is the responsibility of your union’s health and safety stewards to ensure that your employer fulfils their legal duties to you in regards to your safety and welfare whilst you carry out your duties as an employee.

What is clear, most employees of the Council do not have any health and safety training so therefore does not understand what legal duties they are responsible for.  Please take time to read, the new corporate health and safety policy, which is on the intranet, this will indicate what is expected of all staff and who has what responsibilities.

Please contact the branch or your local health and safety representative if you have any questions about health and safety within your working area.

We will be letting you know what issues are currently going on in your service areas and through out the council shortly.  If you have any issues please inform your local steward or the branch office.  Help us to help you, unless we know there is a problem we are unable to deal with it.