About us

UNISON is Britain’s biggest trade union with more than 1.3 million members who work in the public services, for private contractors and in the essential utilities. They include frontline staff working full or part time in local authorities, the NHS, the police service, schools, electricity, gas and water industries, transport and the voluntary sector.

Statement of Purpose

Liverpool City Branch believes in improving working lives and promoting social justice in the UK and abroad. We are campaigning for an end to discrimination and poverty. We have a vision of a more just and inclusive society where:

UNISON represents almost 6000 members employed by Liverpool City Council and many voluntary and private sector organisations. We campaign, negotiate and lobby for improvements to your workplace, pay and benefits. Below are links to some of the key issues we are working on which form the core of our values. If you would like to know more about this news which is not covered here please contact the Branch Office.

Protection at work

Most people join a union because they want protection at work – help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work. That’s what we’re here for. UNISON negotiates on pay and working conditions at every level – local, regional and national. But we also do a lot more. Being a UNISON member gives you a range of benefits and unbeatable deals.

Local stewards

Local stewards are there to represent you at work and help find the answers to your problems. They are volunteers and play a vital role in recruiting new members and organising your branch. If you have a problem, talk to your local steward. If they can’t handle the problem on their own, they can talk to other Branch Officers or full-time union experts

Women in UNISON

Women make up two thirds of UNISON’s members so we make sure their voices are heard throughout the union. At every level of the union, when people are elected to committees or delegations, women must be elected in fair proportion to the membership. Even the National Executive Council has to elect at least 44 women to seats and 13 are held by low-paid women. UNISON calls this “proportionality”.

Having an Equal Say

Our self-organised and other groups are a way to get involved on an equal fotting to everyone else in the union. They enable the union to reflect particular issus and enable members with common interests to come together and work on issues affecting them.

Self-organised groups include:


Every member is entitled to a copy of the latest edition of the UNISON rulebook. New copies are automatically sent to your branch with each update and hard copies can be ordered by contacting the union’s member liaison unit by email or by telephone (020 7121 5131), or you can view and download a copy here. (UNISON Rule Book 2017)

The rules cover a number of issues: