QUESTION: I'm interested in joining UNISON - where can I find out more?

A special section details all the benefits you get from joining the UK's largest trade union, from legal and welfare advice and employment representation to cheap holidays and car insurance.
Or go to: www.unison.org.uk/join/benefits

QUESTION: I've got a problem at work - where can I go for advice?

If you are a UNISON member, contact your local UNISON steward or health and safety rep as soon as possible. If you don't know who your local UNISON rep is or aren't sure who to contact, ring our hotline
(have your membership number ready):

UNISONdirect 0800 0857 857 (freephone, but mobiles may incur charge)
Freephone textphone 0800 0 967 968
Lines are open 6am-midnight Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturdays.
You can also submit a query online at: www.unison.org.uk/help

UNISON Rules state that you have to be a member for at least 4 weeks before you can access legal advice, and we can't represent you on something that happened before you joined.

QUESTION: I want to change some of my personal details - how do I do that?

Contact the Branch Office, or you can go to unison.org.uk/help There you'll find online forms for:

QUESTION: What are Political Funds, and how do I contribute?

To take part in political activity, Unions have to maintain a political fund, and in UNISON you can choose whether to pay a small portion of your subs into either funds. UNISON’s political fund is divided into two sections: the General Political Fund and the Affiliated Political Fund (Labour Link). UNISON uses the General Political Fund (GPF) to pay for political campaigning at branch, regional and national level as well as for research and lobbying in Parliament to pursue UNISON’s objectives and priorities.

It is not affiliated to any political party, but the money in the fund is used to support local campaigns, to give a boost to our big national political campaigns and to pay for political advertising.

In the run-up to general or local elections, the fund has been used for effective advertising campaigns to ensure that issues of importance to UNISON are high on the agenda.

Much of the high profile political campaign work you see from UNISON is paid for by the GPF.

The GPF also funds TV recruitment adverts.

But it’s not just the big things that the GPF funds. All sorts of national and local projects and campaigns benefit from receiving funding this way.

Labour Link (APF) works directly within the Labour Party to take UNISON to the heart of the party. We work at local and national level and have Labour Link Officers at Branch, Regional and National levels who work with other affiliated unions to promote our agenda. We also work closely with sympathetic MP's who can put down early day motions and questions related to UNISON concerns, and lobbies, such as those concerning public services, housing and trade union rights.

UNISON and the European Parliament - As well aw working at a UK level, Labour Link works closely with the group of Labour MEP's in the European Parliament. Together we liase on European legislation. Through this work we have achieved major improvements in areas such as employment rights, equality issues and environmental safeguards.

To opt in, or out of the different political funds, you can access the forms from UNISON's national website - link here.


QUESTION: I want to find a document UNISON has produced - how do I do that?

The Documents Database is home to many UNISON produced publications, articles and documents. Some are presented as web pages, but most as downloadable PDF files. You can search the database by keyword or subject area. www.unison.org.uk/resources/docs_list.asp to browse the database

QUESTION: I need legal advice, who do I contact?

You have to be a fully paid up member of Unison for 4 weeks before you can access Unison’s solicitors. The legal issue cannot pre-exist your membership. Out of hours contact Unison Direct. 0800 0857 857. Members can also get advice regarding non-work related issues.

QUESTION: When I sign my membership form I agree to accept Unison's rules and constitution, what are these?

UNISON's rules govern the way the union runs, how branches work and outlines the responsibilities of its members and staff. Every member is entitled to a copy of the latest edition of the UNISON rulebook - click here to view Rule book 2015.